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Version: 111680 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


gp_dimer - computate frequencies of nucleotide dimers


[-H] [-q] [-v] [-d] [-h] [inputfile] [outputfile]


distance between the two nucleotides in base pairs. Default 0.
Output in HTML mode
Prints the version information.
Do not display error messages
Prints lots of debugging information.
Shows usage information.
file to proces; if not given, will use standard input
file to write the data to; if not given, will use standard output


gp_dimer records dinucleotide frequencies: in the simplest case -- frequencies of dimeres AA, AC, AG... ...TT. This is sometimes useful to characterize a sequence. You can also use it to see, what is the probability of finding a certain nucleotide N bases after another one, for example -- what is the frequency of an 'A' coming seven nucleotides after a 'T'. To set this distance, use the option -l.


Genpak(1) gp_acc(1) gp_adjust(1) gp_cdndev(1) gp_cusage(1) gp_digest(1) gp_findorf(1) gp_gc(1) gp_getseq(1) gp_map(1) gp_matrix(1) gp_mkmtx(1) gp_pattern(1) gp_primer(1) gp_qs(1) gp_randseq(1) gp_seq2prot(1) gp_slen(1) gp_tm(1) gp_trimer(1)


All Genpak programs complain in situations you would also complain, like when they cannot find a sequence you gave them or the sequence is not valid.

The Genpak programs do not write over existing files. I have found this feature very useful :-)


I'm sure there are plenty left, so please mail me if you find them. I tried to clean up every bug I could find.


January Weiner III <>

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