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Version: 111686 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


gp_pattern - computate frequencies of nucleotide patterns


[-H] [-q] [-v] [-d] [-h] [inputfile] [outputfile]


-l value
set pattern length
Output in HTML mode
Prints the version information.
Do not display error messages
Prints lots of debugging information.
Shows usage information.
file to proces; if not given, will use standard input
file to write the data to; if not given, will use standard output


gp_dimer records frequencies of patterns. The pattern length is set with the -l option. Beware: the number of possible patterns grows exponentially, so setting pattern length greater then 6 can be dangerous. You must use this program only with DNA/RNA sequences.


Genpak(1) gp_acc(1) gp_adjust(1) gp_cdndev(1) gp_cusage(1) gp_digest(1) gp_dimer(1) gp_findorf(1) gp_gc(1) gp_getseq(1) gp_map(1) gp_matrix(1) gp_mkmtx(1) gp_primer(1) gp_qs(1) gp_randseq(1) gp_seq2prot(1) gp_slen(1) gp_tm(1) gp_trimer(1)


All Genpak programs complain in situations you would also complain, like when they cannot find a sequence you gave them or the sequence is not valid.

The Genpak programs do not write over existing files. I have found this feature very useful :-)


I'm sure there are plenty left, so please mail me if you find them. I tried to clean up every bug I could find.


January Weiner III <>

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